How it goes

it's already THURSDAY (i had to backspace cuz i was writing wednesday.. haha)
I still have not answered poor hunter.. who asked me to prom. I'll get on that.
My 15 page paper is due on tuesday.. i got PG library's whole selection on the subject-Euthanasia-quite a dismal topic but i have to write a paper on it for my online health class anyway so i thought i'd kill two birds with one stone.
I haven't written down anywhere yet how awesome the pageant was!! it was such an amazing experience! I was sooo blessed. I got SECOND ATTENDANT! or third place. The other two girls who were ahead of me had been doing pageants their whole lives pretty much-I got the best that i could. I was so blessed. I got to love these girls soo much! it was probably the best thing i could have done right now in my life. My self confidence was really strengthened and i learned i could do hard things. And i was successful! My childhood dream is going to be fulfilled! I'll get to be on a float in a parade! and not just one! several! haha :D

oh and vote for my cute friend:

2nd Attendant !!


Miss PG

I won!!

haha just kidding.
it's tomorrow.

this week has gone by really slow.
probably cuz i'm so excited.
for tomorrow.

the BYU regional science fair was yesterday.
I got to see my handsome brazilian amigo David again
so that was awesome.
i won a $10,000 scholarship to Steven Henneger College
and a $4,000 to westminster
too bad i'm already going to BYU-i.
oh well.

I get to get out of school today.
and go shopping with my girlies.
except my dad went on a business trip to Nevada
and took my wallet with him.
it was in our car at the time.
so hopefully i can just get some money out of the bank..

oh and by the way
no big deal. ;)
i'm soooo excited !!!
he's one of my best friends ever,
Hunter Cannon.
He's such a cutie.
so stoked.



well darn it. I'm in study skills and didn't bring anything to work on. But, the blog does need an update so I'll get on that.

Mother, Noah, Ashton and I went shopping yesterday. At Deseret Industries, "the I of D", I found two pairs of shoes that will serve me well during the Miss PG pageant. (why go to the mall and spend $100 when you could go to DI and get the same thing for $4???) Noah was excited about his Albertson's T shirt he found and I don't think Ashton got anything.. But it was a fun outing and we enjoyed ourselves greatly. :)

Joel, the director of the play, sent me the DVD's of Star Spangled Girl. It's kinda hard to see anything cuz the lights wash us all out and the camera wasn't very good, but it's better than nothing. If anyone would like to watch it, just comment below and i'll let you borrow it.

I'm on an exercise kick. I go after school to the gym and run for 20 minutes. I try to get a mile in 8:00-8:30 but so far that's only happened the first time when we had to do it for our PE fitness test. Which was better then than never. Then I go and do the step machine or the bike and watch whatever's on.

My room feels like a totally new place with my new carpet. :D My parents went and bought some new and my room feels so nice now. Now the only thing is to see if i can keep it clean enough to be able to see the new carpet. x)

Haha! look i'm famous!
here (click on gallery then seniors :) there are three pics of me on there two at the beginning and the last one x) and if you wait long enough on the home page my picture will come up also yay!
and here (i'm in the corner in the 'Miss PG prepares girls for life' article and i'm on the far right :D)
hehe :D
My mom bought me a journal the other day, so I don't know how often i'll be posting on here anymore.. i'll try to keep it updated for y'all, but i'm not sure anyone reads it anyway, but i enjoy having it so that's why i do it. thanks!


lookin up

This are finally getting better you guys!
i had a major attitude adjustment yesterday.
and thank heaven.
i don't like being mad and negative 24/7. and i feel bad for people who are.
it's all about gratitude.
think about what you are grateful for, pray it all up, and your burden will be lifted.

some more :)

#16 Eliza Grandma Shumway #2 One gorgeous profile #8 TELEPHONE #9 Eliza's stern look #10 Full Blue Dress #11 glance over shoulder #13 The Kiss #12 P2256454 #1 P2256430 #2 P2256413 #3 P2256414 #4 P2256415 #5 P2256426 #6 P2256428 #7 P2256433 #8 P2256445 #10 P2256450 #11 P2256451



i’m pretty sure my future husband will resemble Henry Cavill. I am strangely attracted to the tall, dark haired (but light haired is also very cute), and handsome and innocent look. this is henry a few years ago when he did The Count of Monte Cristo: *sigh*. he did a great job in that one but then now he’s in that gross Tudors show.. so i don’t like him for who he is but he is still one of the most beautiful men on the planet to be specific. :) (he looks a lot better with a smile on his face haha)

henry cavilltwilight-henry-cavill


haha . i’m a silly person.

well anywhays

man. the kind of guy i want for my future companion though is going to be just like this young man in my ward. he is such an inspiration to me. He went through some hard times with his testimony for a year or two when he was just going through the motions. but just recently he has totally turned around and you can totally tell with his sincere, genuine and humble testimony that he has found out for himself the truthfulness of the gospel. He is constantly bearing that testimony in one way or another and he has truly taught me a ton. He has helped strengthen my feeble testimony and he is one i can really look up to. I’m truly grateful for him.

foto foto!


so here’s some pictures!


the two smaller science fair boards on the sides are jens’ from last year and this year. I made it to regional science fair with my “Detection of Genetically Modified Foods” project which will be at BYU at the end of this month. These were taken right after i won at district.  :)DSC02919DSC02914 DSC02916DSC02913 DSC02920 DSC02918

this is me firing up the crème brûlée after a rehearsal for Star Spangled Girl. it was quite a fun experience x) you can tell i was still sick from the redness under my nose x)DSC02813


this is Joel Osbourne, my awesome director for Star Spangled Girl. We all had a great time.DSC02656

Here’s (part of) my awesome support group! my beautiful mom and amazing grandma Oertle.#15 Eliza, Mom and Grandma

Sophie Rauschmeyer: #6 One Beautiful doll #7 FORMER BEAUTIFUL DOLL IN bathrobe

Haha Jeremy was still in character. #14 ALL THREE