Well I’ve decided to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints!

I started my papers last week, they’re coming along, not in the quickest way possible but they’re coming Winking smile 

My friend whom I graduated with just got her mission call yesterday and she’s going to Nauvoo, Illinois! Jeepers! I’m so happy for her Open-mouthed smile


Uncle Buddy passed away two weeks ago, I went down to his funeral. Here are some pics.

Allette!! Can you believe she’s only 13?!?! nope.



This is the University Choir I’m in! So much fun.



We had a lovely snow up here in Rexburg last week! I went running at my favorite place to run a few blocks away from my house, Porter Park. Thankfully I had my phone because it was a gorgeous morning.




We have fun FHE’s. (The guy in the blue shirt, AARON ELLISSSS!! and I are the coordinators, and yeah. We’re pros.)

This is an FHE from a few weeks ago, we made and decorated pizzas. They turned out AMAZINGLY!!!



This is Johanna (and Aaron), I visit teach her!


There’s Krista! She’s a blast and I love her to death.


The cute red head is one of my awesome roommates, Elisabeth, and the creepo in the green shirt is probably one of my favorite people ever, Leah Lauritzen. She’s our Relief Society president and she inspires me. In good and bad ways. bahaha jk. only good Winking smile



We went to a fun straw maze at the end of September! My roommates all came (besides Aileen, she was in Boise) (in this pic there’s me, then Krista Leas, Bethany Klick, Arin Vandiver and Elisabeth Siebach) with my friends who invited me, Austin Zohner, Brandon Walker (who is not in this picture but we found out later he’s my second cousin haha) and Tye Christensen)



This is Austin! He’s just grand.


He painted my fingernails once. Smile 



My Testimony

I am immensely grateful for the incredible blessing of being born a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I have been taught and guided my whole life on how to live to be worthy of true happiness. I am grateful for righteous parents who love me and their Father in Heaven. They love me and Him enough to live in such a way that as I grew up I learned from their example how to obey and follow Christ for my own personal salvation.

I learn more and more every day of the truthfulness of the gospel. I love Christ all the more as I come to know Him through study and prayer. He knows who I am better than I know myself. I’m so grateful for His atoning sacrifice that gives everything meaning and makes my way back to my Father in Heaven a possible path to take. I am thankful for the love Jesus Christ and my Father in Heaven have for me even though I am almost wholly ignorant of the magnitude of that love.

I'm thankful for my many blessings and opportunities I have been given in my life and hope to glorify God the Father in everything that I do with those opportunities and blessings and everything else that I do in my life. I’m grateful for the testimonies I have earned so far of the doctrines of Christ’s atoning sacrifice and the plan of salvation and also testimonies of the true principles of tithing, patience, hard work, modesty, and righteous living. I strive every day to live to be worthy of the companionship of the Holy Ghost that comforts me in times of trial and heartache as well as times of happiness, and who leads and guides me to choose the right. I love my Heavenly Father and His son, my brother, Jesus Christ.

I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.



Half Marathon! July 28 2012


the finish line! time around 2:22, it probably took about 3 minutes for me to pass the starting line.


yay for bright red faces!



I did it! Thank you Cecilia Carter for letting me run it for you so you could attend your cousin’s wedding! It was the most amazing thing ever!! 13.1 miles of pure awesomeness.


Family. and 5K’s.


last time we took family pictures with all my cousins and aunts and uncles was on my 12th birthday! So great to finally do it again!



And I ran my first 5K this last saturday! Here’s some pics and a vid crossing the finish line! (only 3.1 miles, not a big deal, but I’ll move on to bigger and longer things soon!!)