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AND I graduated from seminary.

and that's saying a LOT.

for me at least.

I had to do tons of online classes and East Shore make-up packets to graduate from high school, and for seminary i had to take institute classes and early morning class.


Seminary Graduation was last Sunday, on May 22nd. I spoke and did a musical number with three other girls. It was a wonderful experience.. besides the fact that the other girls started cracking up in the middle of the most spiritual part of the song and wrecked it. sorry I'm just a bit bitter about that x)

High School graduation will be at the Provo Marriott on BYU campus, June 2nd at 12:30. Thankfully i don't have to speak at that. But one of my best friends is, Mathew Dell Madsen III. He's flipping amazing. I should probably ask him on a date. haha.

The (Scott) Shumways are staying at our house! I LOVE MY FAMILY! my Aunt Jan is probably the most exciting, funny and unpredictable lady ever. I went to a zumba class with her yesterday. We had a deep conversation too that really helped me out in my life right now. My cousin Arianne Taylor is getting married tomorrow so a ton of family is in town. And i about had a HEART attack when i saw my pretty much favorite aunt who lives in Texas walking down the street with my parents as my cousin and i were coming home from shopping (which was super fun with Emmy my cute 14 year old cuz). My aunt Audrey Rindlisbacher is a serious MIRACLE worker. She's probably the smartest, funnest, awesomest lady alive. She has 6 kids that she has home schooled for most of their lives and they're freaking smart. Yeah. awesome.

I'm kinda in a pickle right now. I have this SUPER cute guy that likes me and really would like to kiss me when he comes up from Arizona for the summer. I wouldn't mind it, but i don't want to do it for the wrong reasons. I also can't tell if he just wants to kiss me just for fun or if he really likes me. Seems like we wouldn't have ever texted about kissing if he wanted to kiss me for me. He's a junior in high school and kinda immature that way. Kissing should be kinda taboo i think, at least through texting. But when i told him i just wanted to have fun with him this summer without kissing he was very mature about it (i was quite surprised) and it kinda made him almost worthy for a kiss haha. (i hold my kisses to be VERY valuable that's why I'm not gonna just dish 'em out to whomever) But a few days later he was like "so how long are you going to refrain from kissing me?" and i was like.. well i probably could have answered better if it wasn't 10:30 at night but i said "well you MIGHT get one, you've proved yourself quite worthy for one, i just want to be ready if i kiss you" which means i need to like you enough in the right way in code haha. the problem is boys don't really get code... so i probably should have just put it out bluntly.. but oh well... he'll probably win me over (again.. he had me last summer) when he gets here. but i don't want to just kiss for fun. What does kissing even prove anyway? "oh hey i like you we should probably kiss" yeah? no. I liked my first kiss because it was spontaneous and we hadn't talked about kissing before at all and it was a total surprise to me. Before the Arizona boy and I started to talk about kissing through texting, I was kinda thinking it would be OK for me to kiss him BECAUSE we hadn't talked about it before.. then I'm not sure who brought it up but yeah. So i guess kissing him this summer depends on three things: 1. I usually like guys older than myself before they're so much more mature; so if he's become more mature through the school year i could possibly like him. 2. If i can tell he REALLY likes ME for who I am and not just my lips and 3. if i feel it's OK to use one of my kisses on him that I'm TRYING to save for my hubby then i will.

Today's the last real day of school



yeah i'm just a little bit excited.

over and out comrades.