“I’ll share this love I’ve found with everyone…” –Jack Johnson

that’s from his song Upside Down. cute huh?

well i just got done babysitting for … quite a long time and whew i’m tired. You can only watch so many barbie movies in one day…

sorry I haven’t been writing much in here.. I haven’t really known what to say.. but I’ll think of something.

we had an amazing Thanksgiving with our family on my dad’s side. We had all of his brothers and sisters and a few of his half/step brothers and sisters as well. My mom said that they haven’t been all together since they were married. They’re celebrating their twentieth wedding anniversary this coming June. wow.

I’ve been doing some photography l8ly… here are the good ones :


DSC02055    DSC01386 DSC01990  DSC02016 DSC02019  DSC02038 DSC08174 

thanks guys :)



My costume for school: i also had a vacuum i pushed around all day.

DSC07908  DSC07910    DSC07941  DSC07940 DSC07944   
Ashton, Jens & KK were characters from a Japanese cartoon Naruto, and their friend (in the middle:) i don’t know what he was….       DSC07949      

For the Trunk-or-Treat, I was Dolly Parton. haha.


Muchos candies.

DSC07955 DSC07958 DSC07956 DSC07957

brother’s photo shoot. by me :)

DSC08109 DSC08110 DSC08062 DSC08064 DSC08065 DSC08067 DSC08068 DSC08069 DSC08070 DSC08071 DSC08072 DSC08073 DSC08074 DSC08075 DSC08076 DSC08077 DSC08079 DSC08083 DSC08085 DSC08087 DSC08088 DSC08092 DSC08093 DSC08094 DSC08095 DSC08097 DSC08098 DSC08099 DSC08100 DSC08101 DSC08103 DSC08104 DSC08107