Family. and 5K’s.


last time we took family pictures with all my cousins and aunts and uncles was on my 12th birthday! So great to finally do it again!



And I ran my first 5K this last saturday! Here’s some pics and a vid crossing the finish line! (only 3.1 miles, not a big deal, but I’ll move on to bigger and longer things soon!!)



Hike to the Timp-y Top.


Well we made it. Mathew Dell Madsen III, Maddison and McCall Thornton, Summer Moss and I. We left my house at 12:30am, made it to the trail head at 1:30ish, and made it to the top at 5 (we walked all night to be there for the sunrise. Absolutely amazing).

I have pictures from the first awesome view (at 5am), then we walked over to the very top (Timp’s highest peak where there’s a little metal booth and book where we wrote our names) and on the way down. It was my first all-nighter and the longest, most worth while hike I’ve been on and I plan on doing it again.