Camp of the Girls

Hey here's some pictures of girls camp. It was very fun. We stayed at this old cool house about an hour away from where we live to get away from carnaval.

This picture is us planning to scare the leaders in the middle of the night. (i didn't participate, (i fell asleep to fast- hey i'm not a night person-)the other girls got in a lot of trouble xD haha)

This was my group for the activity hey had to... idk, make some stuff, and our topic was fé.(faith.) I made a little Jesus Christ statue which pretty much is the whole meaning of faith {that turned out AWESOME, but someone must have thrown it away, because i couldn't find it the last day of camp where it had been on display sadly :'( }

This is one of the leader's sons, Pedro. but, his "real"name is Super Pedro.

This is the front view of the house.
This is Ana. She's a new convert in our ward. She has lovely hair. (it's fake, but it's still AWSOME.)
Cristal e Eu. Eu e Cristal. Me and Cristal. Cristal and Me.
The whole gang.



Every day is a challenge. Every class is a huge mountain to climb, and most of the time I don't make it. It's hard to get up in the morning knowing that I'll have to be 10000% to be able to survive. I don't even have Saturday to relax. (Even if i did, I wouldn't be able to anyway.) This is one of the hardest things I've ever had to do I think. Leaving the USA and coming to Brasil wasn't as hard as it is spiritually, mentally and emotionally hard as it is now. I hate to admitt it, but all the time I'm constantly having to push my emotions to the pit of my stomach, and so I'm pretty much with a constant stomach ache. I have to pray and put all my faith in the Lord to help me and to be able to survive this test. And, That's What I'll Do.


60's and 70's stake dance

well ladies and gentlemen, this is [not] the real me. i went to a magical stake dance the other night and this is pretty much how i looked. my mom wanted me to put these pictures on here so yeah. i HAD some pictures of the dance, but my 'friend' deleted them because she looked {too cute} 'horrivel' you know. so i don't have any pictures any more. so yeah. anyway.


{CuRiOuS tHiNgS}

Wow. School. CrAzY {c r a z y} CRAZY. Look at my stack of books! I'm still waiting for one or two more to arrive from the book store to buy. By the way, today's Saturday. And where did I go? Yes. To School. It is their diabolical plan to get us to not have even one day to ourselves, and to be able sleep in. (Well, everyone else has Sunday, but we have to go to church at 9:00 in the morning anyway ! ! grrrr) There is a Math class on Saturday that is required for all new students, or for people that need it. Let me tell you. I didn't understand one word the teacher said. (almost literally) I was on the verge of tears the whole time. Luckily this really nice (and cute) kid in my class was apparently very worried about me and offered me cookies a few times to help me relaxar. He's my new favorite. ;P

Last night we went to my dad's coworker's son's wedding. Here, you have to do the normal ceremony that everyone does before you get to get sealed in the temple. We went to the normal, walk down the aisle ceremony. The bride looked so pretty! During the vows, which were pretty boring, Noah and I had a blast taking pictures as you can see. He's such a good sport sometimes (love you Noah:D)


A lovely new dress

I was invited to uma festa de quinze anos last month, for the 14th of March. (It's a birthday party for turning 15, which is huge here. like here in Brazil it's our sweet sixteen, but their party's MUCH bigger.) It's like a formal prom. I have been looking around in the stores and been having a hard time finding a good dress. My mom and I were in Barra Shopping {a mall near my house} picking up some [more] books for my school that I don't have yet (here you have to go to a certain store to buy all your books. oh my gosh i have a ton. later i'll put a picture of them on here - when i have them all--i'm still waiting for some to arrive- all stacked up:D). We passed by this store on our way out where it had a really pretty little cover up jacket over an ugly tube shirt. We've been looking for a dress you know, and so we thought we might have a look at that beautiful little top. Turns out they had party dresses there too, and we found an awesome one in the back- on clearance. A gift from the gods. Now I'm all ready for the party!/strong>>

by the way, it is about 5 inches longer, we added some fabric so it wouldn't be so scandalous. :>


New beginnings of a blog: the birth

Blog #1! Here's the low down. The name's Eliza. Eliza Shumway. I've been living in Rua Lucio Costa, Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the last year plus a little. It's been really fun. I've learned the Portuguese language pretty good, I've made a bunch of friends. I'm probably the tannest I've ever been in my life. My school is really great. It's called Escola Parque, and it's about 15 minutes away from my house and here's the catch= It's {all} in portuguese ! ! ! [except for spanish class xD]
Life in Brazil is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. The culture is so great!! Everyone hugs and kisses each other, (something I'll really miss when I go back to the EUA [usa]) and they really can throw parties.
until blog #2! and so on...
thanks for reading.