Shoes for sale :D

I have these green shoes in sizes 8 and 8.5, brand new

These zebra shoes in 8, 8.5 and 9, also brand new.
I'm selling them for $13 and that includes shipping.
Head over to modestlittleme.com to purchase!


mi misión

Hey. Yo.
Portugal Lisbon Mission.
May 15th 2013.
 I feel like it's all kinda surreal. Probably because it's so far away, feels like I'm not really going. I'm here at home in Utah working two jobs and earning a lot of money though so I can't complain about the long wait. It's just so far away... And yet I know it will sneak up on me and I'll be leaving tomorrow before I know it.

I'm working for Precision Systems Engineering as the receptionist full time. I also work nights and weekends for Payless ShoeSource. Here are some recent pics xP

New (and much needed) scriptures for Christmas: (Merry Christmas by the way :)

Got to go to Temple Square the other day. Love it.

Got to meet Mia Love :) Didn't remember it was her until I pulled up her information and there her name was! Haha. Just this Monday she got to go to Glenn Beck's show and be a part of the "Misfits Ball". Love her, love him.
Ashton and I being cute.
My new job:)

Dad and I going through the car wash. SO exciting :)
Cute cousins!

Bored at work
Ashton might love his phone more than me