I love life.. it’s golden.

Golden, jazzy, splendiferous, put it how you may, my life is awesome.

and by the way, splendiferous is totally in my computer’s dictionary.

I thought I made it up. shucks.



I’m learning how to garden! Our awesome 1st counselor in the bishopric is helping us along our way on the learning-how-to-garden trail. He’s splendid and I love that man. Smile

49860_1682396103_453_n (minus the beard. Smile )


SUMMER. it’s approaching. and may even already be amongst us.

We each got a mighty PASS OF ALL PASSES in my familia… yes indeed, this will be a summer of frequent visits to Seven Peaks and Trafalga with the bros. My excitement senses are tingling.



I have regrettably not sent a shout out to all you wonderful mothers out there until today, but better late than never.

Happy Mother’s Day! 

I love my mom like (well probably a lot more than) a bright rainy morning, bell peppers, monkeys, chocolate fudge-filled churros from Brazil, my Ole Blue truck, and big poofy blankets. She is my rock and my best friend. She always surprises me with her responses whenever I have to come and confess something to her, and she’s always there for me. She’s jam-packed with knowledge and know-how, and will “spank” our bottoms when needed (now a days it’s more like a nice talk pushing us in the right direction.) My mom is a friend to everyone, and always knows when someone needs a helping hand. She listens to the prophet, follows Christ, obeys scripture and loves unconditionally.

I love you mom, thank you for being the sister I never had.