garbanzo beans.





Well, life is good, boring-ish, but good. I work for my cute neighbor watching her kids every day, whom I have grown to l.o.v.e. and have taught me a lot (she can’t pay me much, but I think of it as mom-training haha).



I also work for my most wonderful and awesome aunt, (my mom’s youngest sister who’s only 12 years older than me) I help her out with her amazing Remodelaholic website (which you should also find on facebook and LIKE Winking smile) I practically run it for now while she writes articles for Yahoo!. I know right? and she has two cute babies that I helped watch over this last weekend. they have cute noses. IMG_4363IMG_4365lydia





They are cutie pies. It was so incredible to me how lydia, being only 16 months old herself, would carry around and take care of her little doll. The doll would cry softly for a little while if the bottle was taken out of her mouth and lydia would hold it and comfort it. It is amazing how even baby girls are born with a maternal instinct. So wonderful.


Well life is grand! I hope yours is too!

Thanks for readin,





Well it IS my birth month but that’s not the “felicidades” I’m planning on talking about today. I’m just gonna talk about happiness.

I have found in the short 18 almost 19 years of my life that being truly happy is really not too hard. “Happy” is not only an adjective but a verb. The things you DO make you happy. Making good choices makes you happy. When you choose to serve others (and therefore God –Mosiah 2:17) instead of always thinking about yourself, the results (happiness) are practically immediate. You have joy in others’ successes, excitement in their achievements, and compassion and love for everyone around you. Life’s situations could always be win-win if you let them. I want God to trust me and entrust me with the things He needs done and to be known by Him and others as a happy and helpful person. Reaching out to others, thinking less about (not of) oneself, serving others (not expecting anything in return) and loving them have great potential to make one truly happy. I have a testimony of that. Smile 



So yeah there’s my deep thought of the.. hour. baha. I hope you got something out of it and apply it to your daily life. teehee. Winking smile



Here are some recent pics! Enjoy Smile


There was a BEAUTIFUL rainbow that we passed on our way to Logan last week, it was so close to the ground and absolutely breathtaking.



While in Logan we went on a 2 (?) mile hike up to Wind Caves:



And here’s my favorite mountain ever:





I got a hair cut! and some darker color to help me get back to my natural color instead of my bleached grossness! hahaSmile