secret talent not so secret anymore.

are you ready for dis?


haha took me kinda a while to get a good pic but here they ah:

 DSC07502  DSC07507 

de good one:

DSC07513 DSC07517 DSC07520


Whee!! too much Italian dressing.


Well i pretty much suck at any kind of cooking.

I built a cake for my Young Woman’s leader who had a migraine and didn’t come to church today... It turned out preeeetty terrible.  She kept saying “No it’s great! I love this!” but she didn’t really… eat.. any. hahaha. oh well. I guess it’s the thought that counts.

I got set apart as the secretary in the Laurels class today. Sweet. Now I’m the Scripture Mastery Leader in seminary and the Laurel’s secretary at church. I personally don’t know WHY they made me the SML, but I guess as Ether 12:27 says, your weak things will be made strong. hey, wait..

well i have no pictures for y’all today. *gasp!* haha. no every once in a while it will be just plain writ.

Sadie’s anyone? I asked this kid whom I believe to be a lot of fun (he’s the one modeling the chips for us in an earlier blog post) Saturday night, by filling up some balloons with little notes and shaving cream in them. My flippin amazing new friend, Courtney King and I prepared them and then afterwards left the balloons on his porch with a note that said: “Going to Sadie’s with you would be cooler than being able to shave.” I thought later we should have put “Artic Cool-er” in there, (cuz the saving cream was artic cool xD haha …well … maybe … not…) Courtney said later that he might have already been asked, and if so, that’s ok. Whoever she is got him first. haha. Court and I had a blast filling the balloons up. aaah. It was hilarious. good times.

Thanks for readin! that’s about it.


ps. To therefore explain the Title of the Blog Post: I just had some Iceburg lettuce “salad”, and I put a liiiiiittle but too much dressing. Now my mouth is caked with it. blech.


.hello random.

I love pictures. Here are some more.


These are my old friends from my school, Escola Parque in Brazil:

This is Rafaela and Luma:DSC04445 

This is Mayara Baima, my best friend at that school:


Diana. What a babe.


Here’s Luma again. She was the girlfriend of the hottest boy in school. ;D


Here’s Bianca. She couldn’t decide if she wanted her picture taken or not.


Here’s Rafaela. The beauty of the school.

DSC04387 DSC04391

Here’s Luma’s boyfriend Antonio. What a beast.


Bianca and I.


Luma and I being spazzes. er, just me.

DSC04402 DSC04403

Here’s Diana with our P.E. teacher’s motorcycle helmet. She was being so hilarious.


Me, Luma and Antonio. I’m not quite sure what they were looking at, so I had to check. ;D to this day I’m not quite sure.

DSC04414 DSC04415

Peace out home dawg.


OLIVIO!! P.E. teacher.

DSC04418 DSC04420

Mayara Baima!! Saudades!!


Rafaela being amazing at whatever she’s playing:


Mayara Baima taking a picture of something.


Our lovely game of volley ball. like in a circle.

DSC04435 DSC04436 DSC04437 DSC04438

This was the day I went to the school to go say goodbye, I didn’t get many picutres but here are two: (sorry i look really gross;D)

This is Viviane. She is AMAZING.


Here’s a cute picture of Rafaela. Man she’s so pretty.



haha. This was our last day with the amazing Ferraz family in our ward in Brazil. We took many a picture. er at least I did….. ;P

Elisangela and I.


Me and Stefany.


KK (my brother) and Nicolas (Stefany’s brother)


Nilton Pedreira. The most amazing person ever. a BIG BYU fan. haha.

DSC06947 DSC06948 DSC06949 DSC06950 DSC06951 DSC06952 DSC06953  DSC06955 DSC06956 DSC06957 DSC06958 DSC06959 DSC06960 DSC06966 DSC06969

C’mon, Stefnay. Spice it up a little eh? ;D



Now. Here are our first few days of being back in Utah:

This is the one. the only. DANICA KREMER. we are being amazing with milk boxes on our heads. were are they from? you guessed it. Costco.


What a pretty sight.


HEY!! “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear”  what a nice thing to say.

DSC07063 DSC07064

GET OFFA DA ROAD!!! wait… we’re not in Brazil anymore are we.


haha. “Bank of American Fork – Pleasant Grove Branch” that seems kind of funny to me.



And now. For even more randomness that i’m sure you all want to see:



Little cousin Emmaline.


Ok. ok. Maybe I do take a bunch of pictures of myself. I admitt it.


Yah!! Rock on SHUMWAYS!! this was a lovely gift from the ward for our coming home party. Unfortunately it got busted when the garage door opened…


On an outing to the park with cousin Savanna,


Little friend Piper,


and the whole gang.




Here’s KK’s baptizm. Sean, will you marry me??

DSC07293 DSC07297

ahh. the good old days of jumping on the tramp. I think now it’s starting to get a little too cold for the sprinkler though..


haha. wow. this was my old bed spread from before we left to Brazil. That little girl is Emme Griffin, and she was modeling for us. We want to sell this on KSL. :D


Here’s my amazing loyal friend Marie Miles doing her homework in my room. Lovely day.


ooooOOOoo. my fifth journal. since, ever. i started it that day.


K. Here’s some pictures from my favorite class: ESPANOL!! it was Fiesta Friday.



Here’s Christie. She looks hyper. haha jk. She’s the one amazing one that always brings chips and salsa that she made to Fiesta Friday.


HAHAHAHA!!! here’s brock. an inspiration to all of us. he looks like he’s getting translated in this picture.


Urusla! and what is her name?


haha. o my. danny harding. what a babe. here he is modeling the chips for us:

DSC07346 DSC07347

Here’s my most favorite person in the world:  JORDAN BLACK! we were picture happy.

DSC07348 DSC07349 DSC07350 DSC07351 DSC07352


Friendly friends.


haha yeeeeaaahhh….




before the Homecoming Game


don’t drowsy drive marie.


The Brazilian Festival at the Gatway

DSC07381 DSC07385 DSC07386 DSC07387 


K well that’s all for now. i hope you had fun! i love pictures.