Wow i actually feel like blogging right now. long time no real talk :)

k so :)

my life has been preeeetty dang awesome lately. i’ve been very blessed:)

the play (Music Man) went AMAZING and i made a bunch of new awesome friends.

I earned enough money to buy a used iPhone, which has been great, it’s used you know so it only drives me crazy every once in a while with it’s occasional freezes :)

I have been a slacker at writing in my journal though… i used to write at LEAST once a day, if not more… (yeeeah i’m strange.) but now i hardly get to it once a week. which i feel guilty about..

k um, aunt cassity, boys are cute. i just realized it. and they have actually been paying attention to me, of all people lately. i feel so flattered. haha

K GUESS WHAT.  my friends Summer Moss and Ursula Valdizan and I have planned a fiesta at Aunt Jeanie and Uncle Von’s party house.  They are actually letting me use their amazing backyard for a end of the summer party. I love them with all my being.

lets see.. do i have any fun pictures to post? i believe so. i’ll go get them:)


These are suicide: third degree burn. never again. ;)


I actually found a little something with my real name on it. NOT Elizabeth, or lisa or liz! ELIZA!! i was so happy. i didn’t buy it though, i just took a picture of it in front of a BYU sweatshirt cuz i was at the BYU bookstore. crazy how that works huh ;)



Here is my most beautiful little cousin Alicia on owr camping trip. why, yes thank you i do look nasty i was just thinking the same thing ;)


OH! i will post more of EFY l8er. but k i asked this total stranger (i thought) to dance at one of the awesome EFY dances. He’s like hey, Eliza Shumway, right? total and complete shock. how in the world does this cute (and hilariously funny in the variety show) kid know my name??? turns out he was in my fourth grade class when i lived in Springville for like 6 months in between houses. i was way flattered he even recognized me let alone remember my full name. wow.



K so here are some pictures from  efy. Inseparably Connected was our AWESOME company name.

DSC00624 DSC00759 DSC00632 DSC00645 DSC00646 DSC00651 DSC00652 DSC00661 DSC00662 DSC00674 DSC00676 DSC00680 DSC00682 DSC00687 DSC00689 DSC00690 DSC00694 DSC00695 DSC00698 DSC00702 DSC00703 DSC00705 DSC00711 DSC00717 DSC00719    DSC00742  DSC00746 EFY Girls! (9)


So there’s efy. pretty much the best ever.


So here are pictures from The Music Man! Please excuse my crazy make up and hair… eeeeeeyeah i looked pretty scary.

DSC00581 DSC00469 DSC00470 DSC00483 DSC00486 DSC00487 DSC00501 DSC00505 DSC00507 DSC00509 DSC00511 DSC00529 DSC00535 DSC00539 DSC00546 DSC00558 DSC00560 DSC00484 DSC00491 DSC00492 DSC00493 DSC00495 DSC00496 DSC00497 DSC00498 DSC00500 DSC00504  DSC00515 DSC00520 DSC00521 DSC00526 DSC00530 DSC00544 DSC00550  DSC00554 DSC00556 DSC00552

well there you go :)

my brother is kicking me off so yeah i guess that’s all i can do right now :)

yours truly,

Eliza Ann Shumway