Don´t spiritually barf on me

So. Imagine you are sitting on your couch watching the afternoon cooking show. You hear the doorbell ring. You reluctantly get off the couch with a "I´ll be right back Rachel Ray" to see who´s bothering you. You open the door to see two strangely beautiful asian girls who come with a message about Buddha. You don´t know why but you invite them to come back another day with a gift in the form of a book about Buddha and promises that your life will be better by hearing and applying the teachings of Buddha. 
This is missionary work in Portugal.
Except they all think they know who Jesus Christ was and is here. But who in the USA doesn´t think they know about Buddha?
This is why it´s the Spirit that does all of the teaching and converting. 
To these people, we are just two strangely attractive (i mean honestly) American girls with a message about someone they have already heard of and they think they know all about, then they feel something different, and that´s why they invite us to come back (if they do:). 
Anyway this is one of the many interesting conversations Sis Brundage and I indulge in. 
We had a great week! Great week! GREAT WEEK!! 
got some new instructions from Mr President
We can only count a lesson if it had an opening and closing prayer and a new investigator if we have had previous contact with them. our numbers have gone down a lot but it feels so much better like this. 
love you all! if any of you are online i´ll be online for the next half hour! write me back! but i think it´s like the middle of the night in Utah right now so scratch that idea. (but hey! other missionaries!! SAY HEY)
love you all! 
sis shummers


ye sisters of israel

Great week! 
Antonio was baptized in a river! YAY! 
Pedro was baptized in the church! YAY! 
i am still the worst letter writer in all of missionary history! 
i´m Staying with Sister Brundage!! YAY again! 
Prayer, music and scripture study can invite the spirit into your daily life! here´s a song to get you started! (hopefully the attachment works!)
Love you all! 
Sister Shumway



Grateful for your existance no matter the distance :)

Hello my beautiful family and gorgeous friends and lovely neighbors.

How was your week? 
Mine flew by. As is the usual with Sister Brundage. We enjoy spreading the gospel together and calling people to repentance and inviting people on the street to be baptized. 

One such incident was indeed special.  We had a cool contact (Contact n: someone we stopped to talk with on the street for a brief interval of time) who was SUPER elect (elect adj: 1. someone prepared by the lord for the restored gospel 2.someone who has wondered why there are so many curches, wished he knew which one´s right, and wondered about the meaning of life before the missionaries brought up those questions) and as we were talking to him, José Paulo, 23 years old (cat called at sis B--but turned out to be a nice guy), and pretty much teaching the whole first lesson about the restoration of the church he kind of stopped us and said, Before i started talking to you i was all stressed out about work and stuff but now i just feel this weird calm feeling and i´m not stressed anymore (as he was like patting his chest haha), to which we told him was the Holy Spirit testifying of the truthfulness of our message.  We kept talking and after we said the prayer he stopped us and was like WHOA What is going on!? What is this inside me? I have goosebumps! What the heck!? Haha! We were all like DUDE THAT´s the spirit! He´s like I gotta get into this church! How do I become a member? How can i be a missionary like you? and on and on and then when we asked him for his address and phone number... unfortunately for us but fortunately for the other elders he lives JUST across the dividing line of our area, and Zone AND WARD grr. but the other elders are zone leaders so they´re supes righteous and they´ll baptize him on the day we marked him for (yes we marked him for baptism right there on the street for the 17th of August and he accepted. lucky elders...) He´s just gotta stop smoking but he´ll do it! haha. MIRACLES!! THE CHURCH IS TRUE!

We have a newish/oldish rule that we can´t take pictures during proseliting time but we remembered to bring our cameras with us today on p-day so enjoy these pictures. i sent like 8 in this email, tell me if you didn´t get them. Sometimes they don´t come through i guess. 


We had 9 people at church yesterday!! WHAT?? THAT NEVER HAS EVER EVER EVER HAPPENED!! AND WE HAVE THREE people marked for baptism this week and one for the week after!! {tender mercies} and one of them is the HUSBAND of the RELEIF SOCIETY PRESIDENT!!! who is a recently-reactivated member and her husband has never heard the lessons or anything, and is just surprisingly sooo ready. GAH!! i am SOO not worthy for ANY of these incredible blessings.. Sis B is the backbone and get ´er done ´er but thankfully i help out a little! And the --->LORD<--- is giving us so much work!! Such a blessing to know He can trust us. 

Love you love you all

Sister Shumway