the church is true duh.

miracles are TOTES POSSIBLE. we had 6 people in church this sunday!!!!!! THANK YOU HEAVENS.
cool story. way back in July with my other comp (SIS GOMES<3) we contacted these two girls on the street. we thought they were friends as they totally didn´t look at ALL alike but turns out they were sisters. she sent us a text giving us their phone number to call them back later. They said their mom was super catholic so she probably wouldn´t be interested but they said we could call them back. (they are 13 almost 14 and 15.) They didn´t answer their phone the few times we called back so we thought they just weren´t interested and were ignoring us so we left them alone as they were just two cute teens. WHOA were we wrong. SO like 2 almost 3 months later Sis kropf and i are running to an appointment but i see one of those two girls and what turns out to be their mom standing nearby where we had contacted them 3 months before. (it´s crazy we hadn´t even seen them around for such a long time as we are always in that area) and i remembered her and was like, hey, you remember me? what was your name again? Inês! é claro! and we met her mom, Teresa. Assuming she was super catholic still and being in a rush we stupidly just gave beijinhos (the two kisses on the cheek greeting everyone does here) and ran away (silly sis shumway´s fault). The next week or two we saw Teresa and her other daughter Iara on the side of the road again. (Divine intervention.) We were then smart and got her contact and said a prayer with them and marked another day to come by. Turns out she´s ELECT and so are her two daughters and another daughter we hadn´t met yet, Vanessa who´s 21. Teresa says we are her answer to her prayers and we feel SO thankful we can help her. Her husband who she´s trying to divorce is an undeserving violent alcoholic and apparently can be very dangerous. But we are so happy we can be the means of bringing the fullness of the gospel into their lives.
This is the last week of the transfer! Sis Kropf and i have been together two so we are going to make this last week the BEST EVER as we will most likely be separated. It has been a JOY serving with her and she has taught me more than i have taught her as her trainer.
We went to a fun touristy spot in our area that sis kropf hadn´t been to yet and we ran into two different mormon couples! HA! they both took pictures of us and are going to send them to my mom´s email. haha! We are a peculiar people! And you can totally spot us mormons in a crowd! we have a LIGHT that is the LIGHT OF CHRIST!!
I love what my cousin said this week in his email home (this is from Beau Walker serving in the Philipeans who´s been out a year) :
"The longer I am in the field the greater the need I feel to share the gospel with others. Even though many people don't see the importance of it and don't care, they will thank us on the other side for trying to help them. If people only saw us as people called to help bless their families, what big things would happen. But satan is good at distracting people. So very good. That's why we gotta be on our toes at all times."
the italicized part is what hit me the most but all of is was true and awesome. I need to open my STINKIN MOUTH more often. I have such a hard time with stopping people. pray for me to not be such a coward eh. thanks. hah. My companion is a PRO though, so she stops the people and then i can talk to them after they are stopped haha. we have been a great team. I think this will help me in the future though, of getting past the first scary part of stopping people and just thinking even if they don´t want anything they´ll thank me later. It´s almost always a rewarding experience even if they aren´t intersted in learning more! The people here are usually pretty nice at least and we make new friends all the time haha :}
This is what i sent to my mission president: in Portuguese and then in google translated english: (by the way researchers is what google thinks investigators are. hah.)
este semana foi OTIMA em termos além de numeros de liçoes e novos pesquisadores, MAS tivemos 6 na igreja para minha primeira vez! ensinamos com membros quase cada lição que tivemos (que foram poucas) mas foi incrivel!! Uma mae e suas 3 filhas crescidas e uma familia (mae e pai casado) com dois filinhos que foram!! FOI MESMO UM MILAGRE. A mãe das 3 filhas disse que somos anjos que responderam as orações dela (nem somos) mas é mesmo incrivel ser a resposta da oração de alguem. e o casal (uma familia portugesa) estao a orar como familia cada noite conjunto com a leitura do livro de mormon! UAU. a filha com 7 anos é mesmo otima, ela sempre relembra os pais para fazerem as coisas que nos pedimos e ela sempre quer que nos voltassemos mas nos so podemos ver a familia delas nos dias de sabado por causa do trabalho do pai. Mas! somos TAO abencoadas!! e Teresa, (a mae dos 3) disse que ela vai ser batizada mas nao se sente pronta para a data que nos surgimos (26 de outubro) mas vamos continuar a ajudar-la.
Sis Kropf é incrivel! que pena que a treinadora dela nao estive uma muita boa ajudora mas eu amo ela e eu tento fazer minha melhor mas há sempre muito espaço para melhorar.
this week was GREAT in terms of numbers as well as lessons and new researchers , BUT we had 6 in the church for my first time ! teach members with almost every lesson we had (which were few ) but it was incredible ! A mother and her three grown daughters and a family ( mother and father married ) with two filinhos they were ! WAS EVEN A MIRACLE . The mother of three daughters said that we are angels who answered her prayers ( or are) but it is amazing to be the answer to someone 's prayer . and the couple ( Portugesa a family ) are praying together as a family every night by reading the book of mormon ! WOW . daughter is 7 years even exellent , she always reminds parents to do the things we ask and she always wants ubiquitous but in so we can see them in the family day Saturday because of his father's work . But ! We are so blessed ! and Teresa , ( the mother of 3 ) said she will be baptized but does not feel ready for the date we came up ( October 26 ) but we will continue to help her .
Sis Kropf is incredible ! what a pity that the coach was not one of her very good ajudora but I love her and I try to do my best but there is always room for improvement .