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Hello Utah.

I've been back since the 20th of August.
Plenty of hugs and squeals of joy from friends, and even more once they learned I'd be staying. Thanks for that everyone. I really feel welcomed back.
I've been staying at my grandparents' house, Rand and Carol Oertle, and it's been very fun. My aunt and uncle, Virgil Tyler and Melody are also here for a while until they find a place to stay.
I'm all signed up at the home of the mighty Vikings, Pleasant Grove High School, {bleed blue}, and it's been a blast ! ! Homecoming is on September... 19th or somethin'... I wonder who I'll go with. xP It'll be my first dance. So many firsts going on right now for me. I'm doing stuff a bit later than most of my friends because I've been living in Brazil, but I'm positive it will be just as fun. I'll be starting drivers ed, (while all my friends drive me around in the mean time,) so soon I'll be owning the roads. Don't worry, I'll warn you so you'll have enough time to run for cover. ;)
Biology AP, volley ball, Spanish 4, computer tech, English 11, aerobics, early morning seminary, Acapella (my choir class)... These are most of my super epic classes I'm excited to be taking at PGHS. Next semester I hope to be able to take a few distance ed classes from the Utah Valley University. I didn't get to do any this semester because... I didn't pass the ACT I that I ended up having to take cold, with a cold. xD. I had to have gotten a minimum score of 22, and I got a 20. Since I've been in Brazil, I didn't have a GPA from 10th grade 9th grade to qualify to take these distance ed classes. I hope I can take them next semester.
I played football in the backyard with my amazing brother Noah. He was very patient and helped me better my throwing skills. No, (my nickname for him btw) you're the best.
I really should stop reading romantic books. they make me mad!! lol. just kidding. I just finished this really good sequel called First Day to the book Yearbook. It's a Mormon, high school kids romantic-ish book. I know, weird. It's super cute though. There's one more to go, and I'm pretty sure I'll read it... But! After that one, it's back to history books for this gal.
Well! That's pretty much all I had to say. Love you guys!


silly sayings :P

I'm positive I lost an electron...

I'm one of those people that would find it funny if Sirius' middle name was Lee.

My imaginary friend thinks you have serious problems.

I wanted to send you something sexy for your birthday, but the mailman made me get out of the mailbox :(

If pro is the opposite of con, then what is the opposite of progress?

What did the blonde name her zebra? ...... Spot.

A life? COOL! Where did you download one of those?

I have not yet begun to procrastinate.

MORMONS: We don't have to be vampires to love forever.

Being random is contagious... Spread the chihuahua.

I LOVE my computer. My friends live in it.

Brunette: so i was listening to eminem last night... Blonde: you were listening to CANDY?!?

Chuck Norris can read Lady Gaga's poker face.

Chuck Norris can stop the beat. (yes that was mine. O.o)

No! I didn't trip! I was just testing gravity! ... and it still works!

of COURSE chocolate is a vegetable! It's made of BEANS isn't it??

It's OK pluto. I'm not a planet either.

Why do we bake cookies and cook bacon?

"Lets eat Rachel" "Lets eat, Rachel" Punctuation: it keeps us from eating our friends.

Why can't boys just be ugly until they get home from their missions?!

Forget Prince Charming... I want my Captain Moroni!!

Funeral Potatoes: the ultimate casserole of mormondom.

I only dance on days that end with 'Y'.

We're so tight- the JoBro's pants are jealous!

Fact of Life #5: You can't scare a girl who has a brother.

Chuck Norris knows where Carmen Sandiego is.

Awesomeness is my sixth sense.

Chuck Norris can win a staring contest against the sun!

And it came to pass.... that seminary is awesome.

"Give" - The Little Stream

wwdmd? what would donny and marie do?

Question: Which bear is best?

hm. fra-gee-lay. must be Italian.

So far, this is the oldest I've ever been.

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Guess what? I'm pretty sure most of you already know, but we're moving back to the united states here shortly. I'm going to miss Brazil pretty badly! But it will be fun to see all of my amazing friends again. yes that's you! lol ;P
I've been working on these awesome new school programs to pass my time while school has been out: Kaplan Essencial Review: Test Prep and Admissions, and MindPower High School. That might sound weird, "School out of school?" but it's super fun to me! I love them. I have this amazing new friend, David, who's 17 and going to BYU this fall and he has inspired me. He likes biotech and cool stuff like that, things that I like too. I hope someday to be as smart as him. ;D
Well it's been a crazy week at our house. We're just trying to get ready to go back to the United States. We don't have the airplane tickets yet, but we're hoping to get them soon.
Urg! I'M SOOO MAD!! My school, Escola Parque, got postponed for another week because of all the "gripe suina" swine flu. Now I probably won't be able to say goodbye to my friends and teachers there. grr. Well, we'll have to plan a party or do some adventurous thing like that.
AWESOME!! I'm almost done reading the BOM.It's da bomb! xD It's been a great experience. My testimony has really been strengthened these past few months in reading it. I really, really love the scriptures. When I'm done: 1. I'll start again! (for the fourth time. BAM!) and 2. I'll have passed off the Divine Nature project in my Personal Progress booklet. o i know. go me. ;D
I didn't really have much to say, but thanks for reading! I love you!