Learning Lessons

I've been learning how to be in better control over my money. I'm using a cool budgeting site made by Dave Ramsey (I'm also reading his Total Money Makeover book which is awesome) called everydollar.com. I'm more content in my life right now, and it's making a difference with my spending. I also leave my debit card at home which helps most :) I hardly eat out anymore, I have plenty of clothes (I've spent hundreds of dollars at American Eagle Outfitter's -clearance- since being home from my mission...) and I'm suddenly super excited about saving the most money possible. I wish I had had this change of heart many months ago! One day I got on my bank account and added up the amount of money I'd spent at each store that was listed on there... and I wasn't happy with what I'd done with it all.. So many little purchases (mostly food and AEO silly me) added up to SO much and I had saved hardly any of it compared to what I had earned.  So needless to say I'm being a lot more careful, saving 50%, usually more, of my paycheck and being happy with what I already have. And I've sold a lot of my too-many clothes to Plato's Closet.

I've loved serving at the Timpanogos Temple as an ordinance worker! I went through the training process really slowly (I started working in March and even though all of May it was closed I just barely finished my training) but now I'm fully trained on everything and I can substitute for people on other days (mostly just Saturdays) I've been feeling the peace from the Holy Ghost so much more in my life. I also have been listening to the scriptures on my gospel library app on and off all day as work lets me. I finished the last few chapters of Alma and then through til the end of the Book of Mormon in two days from listening and reading along when I could. I'm starting a Pearl of Great Price class once I get up to BYU-Idaho (less than a month away!! SO EXCITED) so I started listening to and reading along to that today and I'm already in the middle of the book of Abraham. I love how much of the temple video comes from the Pearl of Great Price! So wonderful. :) I love feeling the Spirit this much in my life! I have tried to get rid of things that waste my time or that are light-minded (the app called Vine was a bad time consumer for me so I got rid of that). I also haven't spent so much time listening to the news... which I do feel is important to do occasionally but I've become better (and happier) already by shifting my focus to the scriptures.

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