Before i read any of my emails or replies to last weeks email let me just clarify something i said wrong in last week´s letter: ew barf that 41 year old man is NOT disgustingly attractive but it´s just disgusting that he is attractive at all haha (sis azevedo and brundage agreed with me okay) and also the only reason why he directed his conversation to me at first was because i have been here 12 weeks longer than sis Azevedo. 

okay now that i got that out of the way 

YAY! sis A doesn´t have a parasite! we were worried about that monday, tuesday and wednesday until we got a renewal of a prescription for her and then she felt better. But then on Friday i had a major coming-off-a-coca-cola addiction migrane and couldn´t think straight. i´m fine now. haha. never drinking coke on a regular basis ever again.

Good news! I bought a barbie watch today for 3€. it´s fab for life. 

All of my future home´s dishes will HAVE OF NECESSITY be plastic. I broke 3 glass cups, 1 porcelin mug and 1 glass bowl in the last 2 weeks. #wrecklessfodayzz i also probably melted a pan handle. probably.

I READ THE WHOLE BOOK OF ALMA IN A WEEK. bask in my glory. (gonna finish the BOM in two weeks.)

AH the glorious time change. loved it. also couldn´t sleep in darn it.

MIRACLES!! this week our ward had a RELAMPAGO trip to the temple {lightning} and i hit in the suitcase of our ward mission leader. um no but two of the 5 people sis B and i baptized the last two transfers WENT AND DID BAPTISMS AND LOVED it and they bore their testimonies in church the day after. AWESOME Spirit presence i couldn´t handle it. 

I hope that in the Spirit world or celestial kindom or where ever that there will be less people coming up to me saying "i was right there! why didn´t you talk to me! You had the wonderful truth of the gospel and you didn´t say anything!" and more people that will say "Thanks for at least trying to stop and talk to me, sorry for thinking you were Jehova´s witness" haha or something to that effect... 

EPIPHANY :::::: I WILL BE A BIOLOGY TEACHER or at least do Bio Education as a major. in case my husband dies or something i can be a teacher. #validworry Now i know what i want to do!!! The spirit told me the second to last week of my mission! YAY! now i´m excited to go back to school! i was kinda always stressed about Biotech and i think i will still go into that someday but for now i´ll not stress about chem 106 and just work on the basics.

Public transport. Buses and Metros are actually disguised rollar coasters.  life is funner this way. 

Walking down the street one day. Guy bows to us. not normal but awesome. Normal: People tell us we are beautiful all the time. gonna miss that hah. 

Paulo and Carlos update: they loved and probably cried at the video Graças a Ele (because of Him)
 https://www.lds.org/youth/video/because-of-him?lang=por (sorry to lazy to look for it in English) 

Surprise mission council tomorrow in Lisbon. We had it planned for the last week of the transfer and found out last night that it is This tuesday not next and we had to call our two sisters in the cities of Gaia and Braga and switch around when we are doing their divisions. Ew. I hated that when my STLs did that to me. Sorry loves. 

Heart attack during comp study. Sister A had given me a werther´s original and i was sucking on it/ talking and out of the blue totally inhaled it. my life flashed before my eyes. #surviver

Our awesome District Leader gave Sis A and I blessings cuz we were little sickies. He was so inspired and told me and us lots of things we were needing to hear. Priesthood power is sooooo real and personal. Thankful!!

Sister Eliza Ann Shumway

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