Baptism fever

HEY all. Sorry for the lame email last week! I´m in a better mood today :) I came to the realization that i really have to plan out everything  in life, including my emails home and computer time so that I can let you know what´s going on and do everything I need to do while on the computer. 

I´ll just write down some experiences from the week:

You know you´re  a missionary when you answer the phone and you start saying a prayer. 

We got caught in a torrential downpour with one little umbrella loaned to us by an investigator and after showing up soaking wet while giving the lesson the power went out to the whole neighboor hood so we just sang a song and prayed and left :)

Saw an advertizement that says "There´s more to life than chocolate, but not right now" and agreed. 

Someone asked me if i was pregnant while slouching in a dress with a high belt and i guess it did look like a baby bump. Maybe it´s a sign that i´ll train a new missionary next transfer. 

If you´re ever sad, just look up at the sky, it is probably beautiful just for you. Tender Mercy from a loving Father in Heaven.

Our investigator, Camila, who got baptized on Saturday, and her mom got scammed online! They thought they were going to get some new puppies but turned out they cheated them out of 125€ which is like 200$ for them, it was probably just satan making her sad before her baptism. rude. but they´re okay now. x)

The baptism went well. The elders also baptized two people. Near the end though before the closing song and prayer there was a member that is friends with one of the people that got baptized and she asked if she could give a testimony. It wasn´t in the program but the elders said it was okay. She got up and started talking about weird stuff like how the bishop was our pastor and whatever and i honestly kinda zoned out, it sounded like a high school graduation speech but  i started zoning back in because the spirit literally LEFT. It was THE WEIRDEST MOST CONFUSING FEELING. I have never. ever. felt it that obvious before. It actually really strengthened my testimony of the reality of the Spirit because now I know when it is NOT there... The bishop was really kinda mad at the elders for letting her get up and speak without confirming it with him before because we had less actives and investigators in the baptism and to end the meeting like that was NOT okay. Without really knowing what had just happened we sang the last hymn and in the prayer a different member said some more kinda embarrassing things but besides that the meeting was great. I just don´t think our investigatores will be wanting to hear from us for a while. 

I mentioned to my mom about Paulo and Fatima last week, and they will be married and baptized this weekend. MIRACLES!! We have to meet with them everyday and teach them the rest of the lessons before then but we´re feeling so blessed and excited. 

Also my testimony of the Spirit was strengthened when after showing up exhausted and scatterbrained to a lesson as it was my turn to teach my mind went totally blank BUT right when i KNEW i had NOTHING to say, was when LITTERALLY the Spirit said what i needed to say in my mind and then i said it outloud. Wow. Coolest thing ever. 

Went on divisions with Sister Duke, who was my comp for three weeks in Mem Martins last year in our second transfers. She goes home next week but was telling me all that she learned and how at the end of her mission now is like the ends of her marathons that she would run. When she knows she´s close to the end she sprints all the rest of the way, to have no more energy whatsoever when she crosses the finish line. She said to me "It´s probably time to start sprinting". Epic. 

Daily odd compliment from Sister Brundage : " You´re the only person i know that can wear pig tails and not look like a 5 year old" Thanks Sis B. 

i ate a box of cereal by myself in less than 24 hours. 

What the Helaman? new joke. 

I wonder if in General Confernce they´ll talk about the second coming. 

K well that´s about it. 

love you all. 
Sis shumway. 

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